vol. i



Volume I Team

Letter from the Editor, Tina D. Lee

1. “Anthony van Dyck’s Equestrian Portraits of Charles I”, Alena Buis

2. “The Love the Dare not Speak its Name: The Visual Representation of Female Homoerotics in Nineteenth-Century France”, Sophie Dynbort

3. “The Layers of Art at Viger Square: A study on situating public art in Montreal, focusing upon works by Charles Maudlin and Doug Scholes”, Daniel Lewis Epstein

4. “From The Native Land: Towards a ‘New Understanding’ of Brian Jungen’s Nike Masks and the Cultural Implications of Bricolage”, Christina Froschauer

5. “Site Unseen: A Critical Review of the Used/Goods Exhibition at the Salvation Army Recycling Centre in Montreal, from November 5 to 25, 2004”, Marcus Greatheart

6. “Plucked from Two Trees: An investigation in the Far Eastern influences on Persian ouster and mina’i wares from both a cross-cultural and gendered perspective”, Tina Do Kyung Lee

7. “Conflict as a Woman Artist: Paula Modersohn-Becker’s Self-Portraits”, Noémie Mercier

8. “Manet: A fictitious account of the woman in the Bar of the Folies-Bergère”, Elda Pappada